Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Internship Opportunity for MIS Students

The USGS Earthquake Science Center (Menlo Park, Pasadena, and Seattle Offices) is hiring IT Specialists to support the mission of the Earthquake Early Warning Project.

The USGS is the nation's largest water, earth, and biological science and civilian mapping agency and is seeking IT professionals with experience and skill operating and maintaining software, hardware, and operating systems in a Linux environment. Applicants who have experience with Linux operating systems, modern code management tools, and modern operating systems maintenance protocols will receive consideration for this opportunity. The successful candidates will support the ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) system (shakealert.org), a mission-critical, distributed system that rapidly detects earthquakes and generates and issues alerts to institutional users and the public.

The position is part of a USGS-university team that operates and maintains the ShakeAlert system; a 24/7 Earthquake Early Warning system. We are designing it to distribute rapid warnings of expected strong shaking when an earthquake occurs. ShakeAlert is a multi-organization cooperative project to build and operate a public EEW system for the California, Oregon and Washington.

The deadline for applications is Monday, June 13.

Apply online at:

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