Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Little Things Count

One of the things that every person should do after either conducting an informational interview or having a job interview is to send a thank you letter.  Every time.  No matter what. 

By sending a thank you letter, you may keep your name in the mind of the hiring party, and you stand apart from your competition when the other potential employees don't send a thank you letter. 

You want the letter to be a reminder of the meeting without repeating information from the interview.  You want to say thank you and keep it short and sweet.  You are not rehashing your points from the interview.  If the interview didn't go very well, then the thank you note will not change things around, but it may help you stand out if you are one of the top candidates. 

You can look up different thank you note formats and samples online, and you should choose one you like.  For many people, it's one of those things we know we should do, but we often don't act quick enough or forget to send the note.  After any interview, send a thank you note.  Every time.  No matter what.

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