Thursday, January 21, 2010

In tough job market, her WSU degree makes a big difference

“Education that Changes Lives,” says the tagline on the new Distance Degree Programs brochure. For the woman on the cover, the words were prescient.
The photo of Melanie Bott, with her children, Kaycee, 4, and Kayden, 1, was taken during spring 2009 graduation. Melanie earned her human development degree through DDP at the same time her husband, Isaac, graduated from WSU’s Veterinary Medicine Program.
Isaac quickly found a job in Payson, Utah. It was harder for Melanie. “For every job I had applied for, there were hundreds of applicants,” she said. More...She had an advantage, though: her degree from WSU. In December 2009, she was offered the position of Early Head Start family educator in Orem, Utah. “The degree definitely helped me get the job,” she said. “It gave me the knowledge of how to work with families in need.”
Now it’s Melanie’s turn to change lives. “I will be going into the homes of the low income, poverty stricken, homeless – the neediest of needy – teaching parents how to teach their children,” she said.
Melanie’s family is happy about the job – and excited that she’s on the DDP brochure.
“Kaycee and Kayden absolutely love the fact that they are on the cover with mom,” Melanie said. “My mom and sisters also think it is pretty amazing and exciting.”
Melanie said she felt honored. “Thank you so much for the opportunity to represent WSU. I loved being a part of such a great university and program.”

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