Thursday, February 19, 2009

To call or not to call?

Hi Chris,
So cool you’re making yourself available to the whole wide world. So, here’s my question.

Q. After I send in my job application, should I really follow up with a phone call? Won’t I be bothering the busy support staff?

A. It is a very, very good idea to follow up with a phone call. There are good ways to do this and bad ways to do this. This is the art part of the job search. You don’t want to call too much for obvious reasons, but you do want to follow up.When it is a situation where you assume the employer will get hundreds of applications, then you want to call only to make sure everything was received. If you assume the application load will be smaller, then call and ask about the status of the hiring process, express interest to the appropriate party, and make contacts with anyone relevant to the job.
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